Social Media Marketing (In Real Life)

Social Media Marketing (In Real Life): Teaching Teens the Why, Not the How

A funny thing happened when some teenaged boys stole my iPhone off my table in a coffee shop. I started thinking about "why" they did it. Did they feel they needed the money? Was it fun? Were they bored?

If they got caught, what would happen to them? Would they enter the prison system? If they did, would they ever get out?

I had a lot of feelings on the subject, so I decided to do something about it. Teens already know how to use social media for their own purposes. They are constantly trying out new platforms and talking about new tactics that will help them get "Facebook Famous".

It's time to teach them how and why brands use social media to sell more product.

Social Media Marketing (IRL) is a 4-session crash course in marketing analysis, based in social media marketing. We work with students to deconstruct popular campaigns, and then encourage them to create their own.

The program is currently in progress at Achievement First Endeavor Middle School in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. We are seeking volunteers and additional school partners for future sessions. Please email me if interested. We would love to hear from you!