Fear and loathing: Scrambled Eggs 3

This post is part of Scrambled Eggs, an ongoing series where I share about my journey in starting Two Eggs, a clothing and accessories company. 

I'm a big old scaredy cat. 

This process has taught me so much about my belief structure. The thing that I'm dealing with currently is that I'm a big old scaredy cat and i should probably grow a pair if I want Two Eggs to succeed. 

Honestly, it would be easier if it didn't succeed. I could just walk away and eventually everyone would forget that I had even tried to do this thing. Everyone except for me that is. If that were to happen, it would just add to the case that I have been building against myself for years that proves that I am a quitter and that nothing I do will ever break through. Do you have these kind of thoughts too? Is it just me?

Don't feel sorry for me. I'm not upset or depressed by any means. I'm actually relieved. Admitting it is the first step, right? Well now that I have uncovered my nasty little habit, I can actively take steps to change my beliefs and eventually my behavior. 

I've been really scared to promote Two Eggs as much as I should promote it. I'm scared what other people will think. I'm scared that no one will like it or want to buy it. I'm scared that people will see right through it and will think I'm crazy/stupid/weird/unoriginal and that I shouldn't have tried in the first place. I know these thoughts are not the most rational, but I've been believing them for my whole life. They seem real to me.

Now is the time for me to push past it. If you ever hear me wuss out or not promote Two Eggs as much as I should, call me on it. I need your support to get over this silly fear and loathing. It's time. 

(Ah I'm scared.)