What's in a name? Scrambled Eggs 2

This post is part of Scrambled Eggs, an ongoing series where I share about my journey in starting Two Eggs, a clothing and accessories company. 

What’s in a name?

Well when you really think about it - nothing really. It’s just a label. Shakespeare obviously said this way better than I could.

The problem with naming things is that in business, choosing a name is often a roadblock to making progress in the early stages. Without a name, you can’t have a brand. And without a brand, you can’t really market your product.

On a philosophical level, naming something can seem like a massive hurdle, sort of like seeing Niagara Falls in front of you and knowing you need to find a way to get across or you might just fall into the gushing water and never see the light of day again….

I took it too far there, but there's certainly a bigger thing at play here than just picking a name. Personally, putting a name on my projects can feels like everything hinges on finding the perfect name. The name makes the thing real. I’m not the only one that thinks so, either. The first question people usually ask me after I say I've started a clothing and accessories line is "do you have a name for it yet?". I do now, and I’m really happy with where I landed. I feel like Two Eggs is perfectly representative of the “vibes” I want the public to feel about my brand. It’s playful and modern and kitschy and cute.

(The name also somehow reminds me of this killer Nelly classic from '02, which is a plus.)

Having completed this process a few months ago myself, here are a few things I recommend considering when naming your project.


I had a completely different name in mind when I first started working on this project. I had planned to call the brand “Whatever”, but after trying on the clothes for the first time, I felt the opposite of “whatever” about it and hoped my customers would too. Don’t commit to the first “good” name you come up with. Let it marinate for a little while.


Your friends have a super wide variety of experiences to draw from that you may not even have thought about. And… what a great way to test out your user story/brand vision and show everyone what you’ve been working on! The name Two Eggs was the result of a text conversation with my super smart friend Mike. He made a suggestion, and I responded with Two Eggs! It was like magic. I am forever indebted to him.


Okay, that seems way harsh, but I was almost singularly focused on picking the right name for this company for weeks! I watched movies, listened to music, wrote brand statements, defined user profiles, sketched products, talked to people, googled so many things, and spent a lot of time on Rap Genius reading the lyrics of my favorite rap songs. Whatever floats your boat, spend some time researching, and you’ll land where you need to land.


At this stage in the process, nothing can crash your dreams harder than finding out someone is squatting on your domain and that it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to get the perfect URL. For the most part, your idea isn’t worth that much $$$ yet, so make sure to check all the necessaries (web, facebook, twitter, instagram) before you get too excited about your name. There are plenty more fish in the sea, as they say.


Before committing to your idea 100%, try using your new name in context. Think about how it will look on social media. Do you want to rally your followers around a hashtag (i.e. #REFBABES)? Does it look right? Is it too long? If it sounds/looks weird, go back to the drawing board, my friend. The right name still awaits you!


Just kidding - choosing a name is stressful. But then, when you think about it in the scheme of the things that lie ahead, choosing a name is fun! Embrace the fact that you currently have the freedom to make your brand whatever you want it to be and try to enjoy the process as much as possible. There’s no major rush here - take your time and choose the name that’s right for you. 

So with that said, what do you think is helpful for naming something? What does the process mean to you?

Thanks for reading!