Becoming OK with being The Tortoise: Scrambled Eggs 1

This post is part of Scrambled Eggs, an ongoing series about starting Two Eggs, a clothing and accessories company. 

So I “launched” a clothing company right around Thanksgiving to a wonderful response from friends and family. I think they have always seen me as a fashionable, creative person, but I never really had the confidence to pursue something myself. I said “launched” in quotes because the reality is that I don’t have a clothing line. At the time I posted my announcement picture on Instagram, I only had one piece of clothing. I had finally chosen a brand name the night before, and I honestly had no clue where to go from there.


Being able to admit that I had no clue was the first step to Okay-ness for me. If people asked me how things were going, I would laugh it off and just say…”GREAT!”. While on the inside, I was kind of dying of embarrassment that I had put this thing out there and I had no idea what I was doing. I had a million ideas and directions to take the company, but I didn’t have a clear vision or real purpose for it. It became clear this was problem #1 that needed solving.

So I thought. And I wrote. And I sketched. And I thought. And I wrote. And I sketched some more until I landed on something that felt right. I was having a really hard time figuring out what my “brand” was. What did it (or I) stand for? What was I trying to say? What greater message were people buying into when they buy my clothes? I do this all the time for my clients, and usually I feel so confident in what I am telling them. Doing it for yourself is a completely different story. You’re putting yourself on the line – everything you stand for and everything you believe – and that is scary as hell. I finally understood why clients can be such a pain sometimes – they’re scared sh*tless!

Legitimate journal entry. 

Legitimate journal entry. 

Because I gave myself time and space to think things through, I was able to land on the right direction for me. Being more Type B than Type A, I typically need strict deadlines and people counting on me to get anything done. But this time, something inside of me was propelling me to want to figure this out. This felt like a must, rather than a should and it felt really cool. When I finally landed on something that felt right, I felt proud. Really proud, actually.

Now, I still don’t have a clothing line, but I am taking baby steps to create one. And I’m okay with that. I’m taking things slow and giving myself the space to try things on bit-by-bit to figure out what I am really trying to say with my clothes. By breaking things down to tiny tasks (i.e. picking a color) rather than big tasks (i.e. creating a collection), I feel like I am getting a lot done without the typical fear spiral getting in my way. In short, I’ve become OK with things moving at less-than-lightning speed. I’ve become the Tortoise, and not the Hare. In our instant-gratification digital society, this is an ongoing challenge to come to terms with. I live on the internet, and I work with my clients to help them reach their goals really fast. It seemed really weird and honestly annoying that I had to move at a snail’s pace when so many others around me were enjoying seemingly instant success. Each day, I have to remind myself that I am OK with things progressing at a slow and steady speed, rather than rushing to the finish line. 


I’m thinking of things strategically and trying to avoid burnout and boredom at all costs. Close friends and family know that my track record with side projects is not great. I tend to go full-steam ahead, get really excited about this new thing, set up all kinds of expectations and goals for myself, work on it for a few months, and then get bored or discouraged and quit doing it. Such is my life. If I am as destined for greatness as much as I believe I am, that pattern is going to have to stop. I hope taking things slowly and having compassion for myself throughout the process will ensure a long and happy journey with my clothing line.

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