Final Presentations (Sessions 3 and 4 of #SMIRL)

The third and fourth sessions of SMIRL turned the conversation around and handed it to the students to create their own social media marketing pitch. After only two classes of instruction, we were concerned about how they would react to having to generate their own campaign after such minimal instruction, but we had faith in the students. In order to ensure that the groups of students would not simply sit there dumbfounded, we brought in professional mentors to work with them. Each mentor has worked in social media, marketing, advertising, or communications, so the students were in great hands.

We gave the students the following prompt:

Oreo comes to you, the social media marketer, and says,

“We know people love our cookies, but we have seen sales decrease steadily over the last two years. The research shows that we are having the most difficulty selling to teens and young adults (ages 14-20). We have a few celebrity athletes that we can tap for our new marketing campaign, though our most successful ads usually focus on the cookies. Our budget for this campaign is $100 million.”

Then, the students worked in their groups to complete a “marketing plan” and translate their pitch to a large piece of paper that they would later present. Students were only given 20 minutes to do all of this! The goal was to create a campaign they could present to a panel of expert judges the following week.

And the results were amazing. Each group came up with something completely different to pitch to the panel of expert judges.


Group #1 came up with a campaign that got people involved by creating a viral video using the one and only Carmelo Anthony. If Carmelo scores free throws after eating OREOs, so can we.

Group #2 created the #MyOREO campaign. This campaign encourages OREO lovers to post how they eat their OREOs using the hashtag.

Group #3 created a social game, similar to Flappy Bird, where users would have to shoot oreos into a cup of milk. This team also pitched using a video of Carmelo Anthony throwing OREOs into cups of milk.

Group #4 pitched a meme campaign based off two separate current trends: The Nae Nae and “Do it for the vine”. This group also demonstrated their dance skills to score extra points with the judges.


The judges selected Group #2, because it seemed to have the most potential for virality on social and actually seems like something OREO would do.

Turns out, they actually did. These girls are brilliant.

Students with their completion certificates. #GRADS

Students with their completion certificates. #GRADS